Digitlized Vehicle Sales Service

3D Configuration

Vehicle configurator with real 3D images.

Global Use

Dealers in more than 15 countries are using Smart Sales Care.


Easy customer management.

Digital Contents

Digital contents for each Vehicle’s KSP (Key Selling Point).


Sales Process

Complete Sales Solution for Dealers



Easy search customers and create reservations. Also, provide better customer service with full understanding of customer history.


Vehicle Presentation

With high quality contents including vehicle KSP, configurator, customers can see all available vehicles in real time with transparency in pricing.


Test Drive

Test drive can be conducted by reservation as well as preferred route selection depending on customer’s choice.



Quotation can be created based on customer’s needs and can be compared with other quotes.



Provides vehicle check list prior to delivery and can easily complete delivery document.

Key Features


Vehicle KSP

Helps customer to better understand vehicle with high quality KSP contents created with image, description and recording.

The KSP contents created by collaboration of vehicle and contents experts will increase sales.

Vehicle Configuration

User can see vehicle color and option changes in real-time with real rotating vehicle images. In addition, price variation based on selected colors and options can be checked in real time.

This allows dealers to visually appeal vehicle that is not in the dealer as well as guarantee price transparency.


Lead Management

User can check customer’s interests, reservations and quotations at anywhere, anytime using the Smart Sales Care.

In addition, personal schedule management and customer follow up is possible promising best sales services. 

Business Insight

The Smart Sales Care provides business insight with dashboard with various KPIs and statistical data.

Such include increase in customers, sales channel ratio, vehicle preference by gender allowing sales manager or consultants to build stronger sales strategy.



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