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Welcome to
Metaverse Business Head Quarter

Metaverse Business Head Quarter is investing heavily in the latest trend analysis and related
technology development to produce global metaverse platform and high-quality immersive content,
in our endless effort to become a global XR company with world class professionalism and technology.


Specialized in next-generation immersive content
production and platform development

  • Metaverse Platform

    Metaverse Service/Platform Development

  • Education/Safety/Training AR·VR

    Develop Education/Safety/Training AR · VR Content

  • XR for Exhibitions/Museums

    Constructing Immersive Content
    for Exhibitions/Museums

  • Car IT Services

    Game Engine-based 3D Video, AR·VR Solution 
    and Application Development

Metaverse Platform Business

We are strengthening our capabilities to become strong opinion leaders of the upcoming metaverse era.

Developing ‘My School’, a metaverse platform for education

Produce user experience enhancing content by analyzing user characteristics of a metaverse

Reinforcement of top game designers, computer graphic artists and engineers

Strengthen alliance with partner companies to develop and secure our competitiveness in the growing industry

Immersive Content for Exhibitions and Museums Development

By utilizing  AR ·VR, motion simulator, media wall, and metaverse platform,
a realistic, long-lasting, and vivid immersive experience is delivered to the visitors.

HMD and Simulator
Realistic immersive experience

Projection Mapping
Deliver rich visual information

VR/AR/MR Technology
Vivid sensory stimulation

Advanced Media and Holograms
Surreal 3D content

Developing Educational Content

Developing AR/VR technology and multi-device functional platform to
allow experice of Immersive educational content on various devices.

  • Safety Education Realistic Platform
  • Development of Education Contents

Realistic Safety Education Content 'XRSafe'

Fire Prevention Safety Education

VR Content ‘First Aid Education’

’XR Safe’ Demonstration Scene in School

- Combine educational and  gaming aspects
 to provides interesting and fun content for student. 

Realistic Experience
- Deliver realistic visual, audio, and tactile information,
to create realistic experiences
and content,  maximizing educational effects

- Implement various interactions between content and the users
to development highly immersive and interesting educational content 

- Utilize various devices platforms and tech such VR, AR, and
360, to create educational content with vast possibilities

Develop Safety/Training Content

Develop realistic safety/training content with potential hazardous situations using VR and CGI technology,
maximizing training effects and safety for the trainee.

- Experience potential accidents and emergencies

-Reproduction of real space,
Photorealistic 3D modeling and effects

- Increased immersive and active participation through user execution 

User Centered
- Develop optimized safety training content reflecting user attributes
and environmental experience

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