Inventing the Future of Global IT Services

Automotive IT Service

2,000 dealers in 20 countries are currently utilizing Inventis’ solutions for vehicle sales / workshop /test drive / show room contents.


3D Configurator

Allows user to configure vehicles with high quality 3D image.

Workshop Automation

Provide quality vehicle service with digitalized workshop process.

Smart Sales Care

Digital sales solution that covers entire process of vehicle sales for dealers.

Test Drive manager

Using GPS Test Drive Manager allows efficient test driving process from beginning to the end.

Smart Media Contents

Inventis provides vehicle related and children contents based on immersive experience contents (AR / VR / 3D).

3D Vehicle Modeling & VCM

MR (Mixed Reality) Edutainment

Theme Park Design & Operation


Global Outsourcing

We provide global outsourcing service with Inventis’ Vietnam office and global partnerships.


Inventis is continuously striving for innovation with research and development in various fields including HW, SW, and contents development.